Play as Jax, a character that comes back from a two-month vacation to find a virus has spread around the world and all of the traditional banking institutions have crumbled.

As Jax returns home he finds his neighborhood is crawling with zombies and someone has scattered his seed phrase all over the place. He does not know it at the time, but an agency known as the “Seed Phrase Recovery Unit (SPRU)” is testing him to see if he would be a good hire or not. Solve the clues and find the missing words and you will get a job as well as the ability to unlock Jax’s wallet and extract the crypto.

Alongside the clues that lead to a 12-word seed phrase are secondary prizes claimable by an in-game smartphone. The phone has a QR scanner coded into it as well as a virtual crypto wallet. Players can find these Easter eggs scattered across levels and some Zombies will drop them upon death.

The game also contains a dynamic weather system and players will have to deal with day and night cycles as well as storms. There is a flashlight that consumes batteries and you will need to be strategic with its use.

Players will be required to hold a specific amount (in USD) of WORDS tokens to play and claim prizes. If they sell their tokens mid-game they will not be able to claim without reloading their wallet. This incentivizes holding and the USD value will change every episode. We are aiming at keeping the holding requirement to 1/100th of the total prize amount but, this is subject to change per episode.

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