Game Theory

In episode two we will introduce a bit of game theory and will continue to add more each episode. Players will start out in an undamaged car with a full tank of gas. If you damage the car too much you will need to fix it and as you drive you will run out of gas. In order to fill your tank at a gas station or fix your car at a garage, you will need to spend some of your WORDS tokens to do so. These tokens will be sent to a prize wallet pertaining to the episode’s missing seed phrase or either the next episode's missing phrase. Not only will the winner receive all of the BNB in that wallet they will receive all of the WORDS tokens that were spent on gas for that episode.

You can of course choose to walk if you crash your car or run out of gas, but remember there will be people trying to extract the prizes faster than you, so choose wisely.

Just like the previous episode, this one will have a dynamic weather system and the car comes complete with working headlights.

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